Mona, an Imperative Self-Destructive Portrait


Mona is a degenerative project standing on the idea of inviolability of digital media. The preservation of electronic art has never been so in debate and this simple project wants to show my legitimate position on that matter, trying to pass a message of disappointment about what I consider an issue too elitist and "tasteless". "The art is in the interactivity, which is difficult to preserve." Each user enters the page and deteriorates the picture. After a number of visits, mona, certainly reach a level of deterioration that prevent the perception of the photography. I want to say that this project can be kept technically, but their motive time - his moment of existence - no longer exists because it is part of a social context, a state of the art, and mona only exists because this state was present at the time of its creation.

Autores: Cordeiro, L; Perez, Y.;

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